July 7, 2011

Alexa and Alexa Plus Software Updates

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We’re in the process of updating and evaluating the latest software for the Alexa and Alexa Plus.

The most important new features for ALEXA and ALEXA Plus:
• Custom looks through ARRI Look Files
• Audio playback from SxS PRO cards
• Auto white balance
• Anamorphic de-squeeze in EVF-1 and on MON OUT (paid license feature)
• Peaking focus check in EVF-1 and MON OUT
• False color exposure check for Log C images
• EVF ZOOM target position
• Compare stored image from SD card with live image
• RETURN IN video
• Operating time counter
• SD card formatting in camera
• EVF ZOOM and EXP buttons are now latching
• SxS recording can be turned off
• More silent operation at higher ambient temperatures
• ‘Rec Low’ fan mode for silent operation in extremely hot environments
• V-mount battery adapter update

The most important new features for ALEXA Plus:
• Master/Slave lens motor control
• 3D lens sync
• Lens Data System (LDS) info display in EVF-1 and on MON OUT
• Lens Data Archive (LDA)
• Electronic level in EVF and MON OUT

Dave Kudrowitz, Senior Engineer


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