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Wireless Lens Control Systems on 4.30.14

An Introduction to the ARRI Amira on 5.7.14

Post NAB Lighting Updates from Zylight (F8, Z90, IS3c LEDs) on 5.14.14

Sony Anycast Touch Tutorial on 3.26.14

Panasonic Covers 4K on 3.19.14

An Introduction to the MoVI M10 Camera Stabilizer System

An Overview of the ARRI AlexaXT Digital Cinema Camera

Canon EOS 1D C: 4K Video Capture, Grab and Print on 11.20.13

An Introduction to the Odyssey7 and 7Q Monitor/Recorder

Black Betty: Building A DIY Cinema Camera on 9.18.13

An Introduction to the New Sony Anycast Touch Switcher on 7.10.13

Canon C100: Best Kept Secrets on 6.26.13

The Building Blocks of Smart Storage on 6.19.13

APT: Producer’s Guide to Distribution on 6.12.13

The Latest in Zeiss Lensing on 5.15.13

View from the Top: Aerial Cinematography on 5.22.13

Panasonic NAB Recap: AVC Ultra, ToughPad + More on 5.8.13

An Overview of the Sony F5 and F55 5.1.13

The Fundamentals of Production Budgeting & Payroll Management on 4.3.13

The Art of Sound Design on 3.27.13

Radically Simple Asset Management on 3.20.13

Shooting Interviews: Tips and Techniques on 3.13.13

Crash Course in Wedding Videography & Filmmaking on 2.27.13

Canon Cinema EOS Systems: The Evolution Into the 4K Capture World on 3.6.13

LED Lighting from Litepanels on 2.20.13

Sony Pro Moni-Tour Workshop on 2.13.13

LED Lighting from Litepanels on 2.20.13

Techniques for Managing Metadata on 2.6.13

Sony Pro Moni-Tour Workshop with Tony Rombola on 2.13.13

Sony F5 and F55 Overview on 1.23.13

A Lens for Every Story with Canon's Ken Rowe on 1.30.13

Techniques for Managing Metadata with Jan Crittenden TODAY 2.6.13

Digital Asset Management Solutions on 1.16.13

PREVIEW: Making Blackmagic (Cinema Camera) Work for You on 12.12.12

Making Blackmagic (Cinema Camera) Work for You on 12.12.12

What’s New in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Software on 11.7.12

Maximizing the Mass Tax Credits for Your Production on 11.14.12

Canon Full Cinema EOS Line-up and 4K Workflow on 11.28.12

Supplementing the Avid Media Composer Workflow for 2K+ on 10.24.12



Award-winning filmmaker, producer, editor and industry technologist, Michael Phillips shares his Media Composer workflow for 2K+ with details for preparing dailies, double system audio sync overview, steps for Pull list and re-conform to original 2K elements for Avid HD finish, prep for and completion of conform in Smoke or Resolve at native resolutions.

An award-winning filmmaker, producer, editor, and industry technologist, Michael’s contributions to the industry include the co-invention and design of Avid’s Media Composer, Film Composer, and Symphony product lines, which offer professional digital online and offline editing and finishing earning him a 1994 Academy Award® for Scientific and Engineering Achievement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In 1999, Michael and Avid were rewarded with an Oscar® for their continued efforts in enhancing and developing the Avid Film Composer. That same year, Michael was recognized with a Massachusetts Innovator of the year Award.

He has also worked in the film industry as a camera operator, sound recorder, and film editor, regularly consulting with independent producers and directors in managing the post-production for feature films using digital technologies. His producing and editing credits include, “Johnny Slade’s Greatest Hits”, “Patriots”, “Jack in the Box” for editing, and “Leon (The Professional), “Milk” “and award winning documentary “Cinematographer Style” for digital post consultation and supervision. IMDB Credits.

Michael has lectured around the world on the ever changing nature of digital processes, spoken at industry forums, and conducted workshops on digital post-production. He co-wrote the book “Digital Filmmaking, The Changing Art Form of Making Movies,” published by Focal Press. He has been awarded over 10 patents from the United States Patent Office for digital synchronization of picture and sound and other editing technologies pertaining to 24 frame editing, as well as compositing, interactive media (transmedia), and surround sound. Michael has pending patents for foreign distribution platforms, verbal logging interfaces, and metadata synchronization for double system workflows.

Michael was chosen as the Post Supervisor for the Sundance Institute Director's Summer Labs 2012 at the Sundance, bringing his creative and technical skill set to eight of the next generation storytellers.

Michael is currently CTO of Cineworks, a full service film and digital cinema facility with locations in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Miami, Baton Rouge and Shreveport. Michael is directing research and development of new technology solutions for the digital production process extending workflow consulting to Cineworks clients as well as industry manufacturers on workflow.


Cast: Rule Boston Camera


Date Published: 11/8/2012

Build-A-Rig Workshop on 10.10.12