SHOWROOM DEMO: Sony F5 and F55 on June 25th from 12n to 1pm

Jason Potz covers the latest 4.1 features of the F5 and F55 plus some hardware updates (false color in the viewfinder) and new accessories (2/3" lens adapter).

Jason will also cover Sony's introduction of the F5 to F55 Upgrade Kit. For a limited time from June 7th to July 31st, 2014, you can create a new camera and save $1,200 by pre-ordering the Sony F5 to F55 Upgrade Kit.

This optional hardware and firmware upgrade replaces the CMOS sensor of the F5 to the one used in the F55, offering integrated Frame Image Scanning, Ultra Wide Color Gamut with the same color filter array and the same image quality of an F55. Get on board XAVC™ 4K recording and 4K live signal output capabilities via 3G-SDI and HDMI.

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LEARNING LAB: Overview on 1.23.13 with Juan Martinez

LEARNING LAB: Overview on 5.1.13 with Jason Potz

BLOG: EVER-EVOLVING F5 and F55 by Jason Potz

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PARKING: If Rule Boston Camera's parking lot at 395 Western Avenue is full, please park at 360 Western Avenue, Brighton. Please be sure to RSVP so we can forward the parking pass for your dashboard if you park in this overflow lot. Thanks!

We are proud to support Sony's goal to meet the constantly-evolving needs of F5 and F55 users by regularly gathering feedback and opinions and putting this information back into the hands of Sony engineers. We look forward to your feedback on both F5 and F55 cameras.

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