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Arctic Butterfly® 724 Sensor Brush & Amp, BriteVue Sensor Loupe 7X

We had heard about this cleaning brush/loupe combo for CCD/CMOS sensors before.  So we eventually got it, and we’re glad we did.  I’m happy to report that it’s an excellent tool and it works great! We got the Arctic Butterfly® 724 (Super Bright) equipped with 2 super bright LEDs Sensor Brush & Visible Dust BriteVue Sensor Loupe 7X. First, you look at the sensor with lighted loupe, find the dust particles and clean the brush, rotating it (electric motor is built-in) while simultaneously charging the fibers (electrostatic charge).  You then swipe the sensor clean with it and confirm it’s condition with the loupe. Rotate the brush again to get rid of the dust.  Done. Zbigniew Twarog, Chief Engineer