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Whiteout Wednesday!

The forecasters were all gloom-and-doom; the iso-bars were tightening; and the snow shovels were being sharpened (are you supposed to sharpen snow shovels?) – a storm was predicted for Wednesday and it was going to be a biggie. Would Rule Boston Camera stay open? Well, John Rule has many mailmen counted amongst his ancestors so there would be no question that we would definitely be open. But employees like myself who travel from thither and yon face the dilemma of how to get here. So I had the brilliant solution – never leave! With a sleeping bag under one arm and a blow-up mattress under another (I have fragile bones – like a bird), I settled down in the Learning Lab and hunkered down for the night. I can’t describe what happened that night but let’s just say the spirits of Brighton are restless… and loud (“I’m tryin’ to sleep here!”). I emerged the next morning, white and shaken, but ready to handle the phone calls and shovel some snow. Many of my co-workers also braved the elements and a certain survivor’s camaraderie emerged: we swapped tales of digging and scraping but were ready to take on whatever Mother Nature could throw our way and still do business. And then we had a big snowball fight. Winter do your worst!