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In the Showroom: Sony EX1R & EX3 Savings!

With the recent influx of large sensor cameras with detachable lenses like Sony’s PMW-F3 and Panasonic’s AF-100, many people are wondering what the future holds for their PMW-EX1R or PMW-EX3 — both of which are only a few years old and still going strong.  Sony made adjustments around the new trend by offering a $300 rebate on the EX1R and a $500 rebate on the EX3 with great leasing options.  This isn’t meant to dwindle the EX inventory, however, and it’s not because the EX series is going out of style, but it’s meant to highlight the fact that both are still phenomenal cameras with great features.  In our Sales Showroom, we’ve seen lots of EX sales activity, and this special rebate offer from Sony is a great opportunity for savings. You won’t see a comparable camera like this from Sony anytime soon. Here’s a quick overview of some capabilities of the EX1R/EX3: 1/2″ sensor 1080p 24p HD-SDI 8-pin remote connection 2/3″ Lens Capability (EX3 Only) 2 XLR inputs Interchangeable Lens System (EX3 only) Dual SxS Express Card Slot 1/33 – 1/2000 shutter speed range Stop by the Showroom for more details. Michelle Brooks, Inside Sales Representative