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Sony FS100 Camera (NXCAM Super 35)

I got a look at the new Sony Super 35mm FS100 camera recently, and I was relatively impressed- especially when the lights were turned off and the gain was tuned slightly to reveal a fresh crisp picture, with skin tones and blacks intact. Granted, this was with a Sony E-Alpha mount and Zeiss 85mm lens with a 1.4 F-stop, but still…  It was music to my eyes.  With a price range of $5,800 list for body only, it’s not made to be the F3, but could easily serve as a B-camera.  Actually, the gain level is better than the F3. I’ll keep this short and sweet so that hopefully your questions are answered quickly: Inputs: Comp/RCA video (L, R) USB out (2) XLR, one on the back of the camera, one on the right side AVCHD, 28mbps remote LANC clean HDMI out w/ LCD setting in menu “turned on” 1080/60i/24p 720/60i Does not have: ND Filters iLINK Timecode Out 720/24p Special Features: Tripod screw inputs on both the bottom and side of the camera Ability to use the FMU128 hardrive (List $800) for 10 Hours nonstop footage LCD screen on TOP center of the camera, 180-degree turn angle Optional Viewfinder (same hardware as EX3) Expanded Focus button Auto Iris (with E-mount lens lens) Peaking Interesting — included hot shoe mounted mic holder, looks like a handle, fairly sturdy, I wouldn’t use it as a handle if I had a choice… which I do. You’ll likely see 3rd party handles start coming to market pretty soon. And finally: Adapters: Currently Available: NOVAFLEX- E-Nikon F MTF                E-Canon FD MTF                E-PL MTF                E-Nikon G (manual iris control on adapter) SONY              E-Alpha 16×9                 E- PL On their way: Birger Eng.    E-Canon EF Hotrod            E-PL These are expected around the time that the camera starts shipping June-July however nothing is set in stone (4) Sony E-mount lenses coming out this year, (3) more coming out next year The stock lens that comes with it is an F/3.5 Stop fully zoomed in. Michelle Brooks, Inside Sales Representative