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New In The Showroom

Lots going on In The Showroom these days.  Much of it consists of rendering footage on the showroom comp and loading the new Adobe 5.5, Apple Final Cut X and updating our Avid.  If you’re not familiar with that software and are considering an upgrade, you should come by and ask us your questions. What we have in stock and ready to go is exciting. We’ve got lots of new Sennheiser headphones, tons of SxS, CF, SDHC, and P2 Cards, plenty of different speeds to fit whatever camera/recorder you are working on, custom Zacuto rigs, Canon lenses and DSLR’s, and…ta da…the Sony FS100 and F3 cameras (which, yes, we do have in stock… just raring to go and definitely ready to be your latest experience!). We’ll be running a sale on Ki Pro Mini’s, so if you attend any of our August Learning Labs, stop by the Showroom for a look-see!  This sale will only be running for a short time, so if this is something that you’ve been thinking about purchasing, please let us give you a quote.  We also have an interesting addition of Porta Brace bags. This is an experiment on my part–since it is easy to go online and see all sorts of bags that you are curious about, but, if you are like me and need to see it and touch it, well — now you can!  We have sack packs, Cable bags, small DSLR bags, airplane bags for traveling, backpacks, ect.  If there is something you’d really like to see in here, let me know! I’ll make it happen. Sincerely, Your Neighborhood Salesperson, Brooks