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GoPro App v.2.0 is Now Available

We upgraded our GoPro Hero3 cameras to new firmware v.3.0 recently. I tested the cameras with new iOS GoPro application (v.2.0). It offers live preview now (while recording), which works quite well. The control of camera settings also works very well. The availability of web browsing is only available when switched to Internet access mode (not controlling the camera). New features do not always work, as promised, yet! Playback from camera, on iPad 3 works sporadically, sometimes stalling on “Loading images” screen. But when it works, it is spectacular! It makes the file transfer from card to iPad and further distributing it, very easy.

These are the new application features: -View photos and play back videos -Copy photos and videos to a GoPro album on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch -Share the photos and videos copied to your device via email, text, Instagram™, Facebook® or other apps -Browse and delete files on the camera’s memory card Zbigniew Twarog, Chief Engineer,

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The Flexibility of Kata Camera Bags

Staying true to the Gemini ways, I have a hard time making decisions.  Just ask my husband when it’s time to pick a restaurant for dinner.   And when I do finally make a decision, I often change my mind immediately afterwards, otherwise, the dreaded indecision kicks in.  What does this have to do with camera bags, you ask?  Well I’ll tell you. I’d been searching for a bag that would fit my equipment needs.  My current bag is very limited on how it can be arranged or organized, and it doesn’t hold as much as I’d like it to, which is a problem for my ever-growing equipment inventory.  I have to dump and reorganize it constantly to accommodate whatever project or gig I’m doing, sometimes leaving equipment home that I’d like to bring.

The Bumblebee 220 PL
For the slightly compulsive organizer like me, the flexibility that Kata bags offer is a perfect fit.  They are very modular and customizable with interchangeable inserts, letting you arrange and rearrange to your heart’s content.  They are able to fit a wide range of camera bodies, lenses, and other accessories in a very compact and lightweight package, all while thoroughly protecting your gear and keeping it easily accessible while you’re on the go.  Some bags even have pockets for a laptop, and others have a place to attach a tripod. Kata bags are also easy to carry, whether you go with a backpack, sling, or rolling bag style.  When I’m on a shoot or traveling, I don’t like to be weighed down.  I’m a small person, so it doesn’t take much for equipment to get heavy.  I usually over-pack for everything (part of being indecisive… hey, I might need that lens I never shoot with!), so being able to take most or all of my gear easily is a great feature.  Perfect, indecision cured!  At least for the moment anyway. Overall, Kata is the solution you’re looking for if you need to carry a good amount of gear in as small of a package as possible.  They are lightweight but durable and protective.  Some of the products available include DSLR and camcorder bags, rain covers, and bags for tripods, lights, and more.  Kata is definitely a bag that can grow with you for a long time as your equipment upgrades and changes.

Heather Littlefield, Inside Sales Rep,

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New Lampless Projectors from Panasonic!

We had an opportunity to see one of the new Panasonic products – the recently-released PT-DZ470 projector. Jan Crittenden Livingston brought it to Rule before this Wednesday’s 5/8/13 Learning Lab, which was a recap of Panasonic’s featured products at this year’s NAB conference. The projector is very bright (3500 lumen) and shows material very quickly (no warm up time). It is not at all hot, has a very handy manual lens shift (joystick like), and it can be mounted horizontally or vertically.  One of it’s main features is the fact that it does not use a lamp.  As a result, it has a very long and trouble-free user time which is estimated to be 20,000 hours. It looks like there is no maintenance, and, with its very good, quality picture, it seems to be a really exceptional product — especially if its promised longevity is true! Zbigniew Twarog, Chief Eng.

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Sony F5 & F55 Learning Lab & Pub Night

The very well-received introduction to the new Sony cameras took place at Rule with a double header Learning Lab (a.m.) and Pub Night (p.m.). We had a good-sized crowd who applauded the new cameras modular build, ergonomics of design and “plug & play” functionality (camera recognizes any connected component and takes control over it). The cameras should be available in 2-3 weeks from now. Zbigniew Twarog, Chief Engineer,

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Sony PMW F5 & F55 at Rule!

Very interesting  “first look” at the new Sony cameras. Sony’s Juan Martinez presented working cameras and the technology supporting them. The New Sony F55 They seem very good, very modular and flexible. Quite ergonomically designed regardless of the “boxy” appearance. We ended up with samples of recording, but we do not have a new software, which understands new codec – XAVC, yet, but VLC Player could play them back! Confirming promised resolution. New Content Browser from Sony sees it, too. But it cannot play it back, yet.  More to come! Zbigniew Twarog, Chief Engineer,