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New Lampless Projectors from Panasonic!

We had an opportunity to see one of the new Panasonic products – the recently-released PT-DZ470 projector. Jan Crittenden Livingston brought it to Rule before this Wednesday’s 5/8/13 Learning Lab, which was a recap of Panasonic’s featured products at this year’s NAB conference. The projector is very bright (3500 lumen) and shows material very quickly (no warm up time). It is not at all hot, has a very handy manual lens shift (joystick like), and it can be mounted horizontally or vertically.  One of it’s main features is the fact that it does not use a lamp.  As a result, it has a very long and trouble-free user time which is estimated to be 20,000 hours. It looks like there is no maintenance, and, with its very good, quality picture, it seems to be a really exceptional product — especially if its promised longevity is true! Zbigniew Twarog, Chief Eng.