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Kino Flo Celeb 200 & Celeb 400 LEDs

Kino Flo introduced its first LED light, the Celeb 200, in September 2012, followed by the Celeb 400 in April 2014.  Rule Boston Camera proudly welcomes these two new lights to our inventory!  We love Kino Flo’s products for their light, robust housing, ease of use, and cool, silent, consistent operation.  Kino Flo has incorporated the quality and convenience we have come to expect into their new LED line, and once again dazzled us with beautifully soft, even light and reliable design. The Celebs differ from their fluorescent cousins by offering even more convenience – no external ballast, no head or harness cables, and no bulbs!  One provided AC cable is all you need to brighten up the set (these lights are also capable of running off 24V DC power).  The built-in ballast controls power as well as Kelvin temperature and dimming, while an LED display reads its current values.  The single panel of LEDs has a range of 2700 Kelvin to 5500 Kelvin.  There are five preset Kelvin temperatures (2700, 3200, 4000, 5000, 5500) that correspond to colored buttons on the ballast, or you can save your preferred temperatures to these buttons.  Temperature can be precisely dialed in by turning the knob on the right of the ballast.  Change the temperature by values of 100 degrees, or press the knob for fine values – depending on what end of the Kelvin spectrum you are in, the temperature increases by 10, 15, or 25 degrees.  There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the differences in increments, but there are plenty of options along the spectrum to choose from.  To dim the light, from a range of 0 to 100, simply press the Kelvin/Dim button and turn the knob.  Dimming can be changed from coarse (values of 4) to fine (values of 0.4) by pressing in the knob.  The Lock/Reset button will prevent your settings from accidentally being changed, or factory reset the Kelvin temperature presets. The Celeb provides mounting flexibility – both the 200 and 400 come with the center ball mount we all know and love, giving the light a full 360-degree range of motion.  The 200 has a baby receiver, while the 400 has a baby receiver inside a junior pin.  Rule has a wide selection of C-stands and combo stands to choose from.  Both fixtures have molded corners with holes to mount the light with rope, and two handles on the back for safety chains and easy transport. The Celebs come with a gel frame and 90 degree honeycomb eggcrate louver.  Both mount to the fixture with spring-loaded clamps in the molded corners.  I’ve found the spring-loaded mount to be especially convenient.  The fluorescent lights have Velcro mounts that clasp into the eggcrate and often break.  The spring-loaded mount is easier, quicker, and more secure. The Celebs are an energy, cost, and time efficient light appropriate for all of your lighting needs.  Both Celebs boast flicker free operation and consistent color temperature while dimming.  The 200 draws 1 amp, while producing more lumens than a 750W fixture.  The 400 draws 1.8 amps, while producing more lumens than a 1K fixture.   Kino Flo’s fluorescents feature cool operation, but these LED fixtures emit practically no heat!  This means you can pick it up and adjust it without gloves, you don’t need to worry about burning your gels, and you can place it right into the flight case after striking it off. Stop by or call us at Rule to add these versatile lights to your arsenal! Celeb 200 Specs: 24” x 14” x 5” 14 pounds Metal alloy body Baby receiver 95 CRI Draws 1 amp DMX capability Celeb 400 Specs: 45” x 14” x 5” 26 pounds Metal alloy body Baby receiver in junior pin 95 CRI Draws 1.8 amps DMX capability -Grace Deacon, QC Tech,