1. Learn something new everyday.
Each day thousands of bits of information in the form of questions, requests, research, maintenance, upgrades and more cross our paths in order to better inform our next customer experience. Whether it’s feedback from customers using equipment in the field or our own staff working on independent projects, these interactions allow us to broaden our knowledge base for the next customer. We turn experience into knowledge.

2. Choice is part of the package.
If you’re trying to decide which product to rent, we’ll guide you through the process without any pressure one way or the other. We have the largest rental inventory in New England and we offer the depth, breadth and guidance you need to make the best possible selection.

3.  Reliability is our concern, not yours.
We stand behind every piece of equipment we rent and the expendables we sell. Our highly-trained Quality Control and Engineering Staff checks all of our rental equipment as it comes in and before it goes out while maintaining it to the highest standards in the industry.

4.  Service is a full-time commitment.
In a crisis or on a whim, you can count on us. Our 24HR emergency phone line has saved many a shoot!

5.   We produce results, not programming.
We never compete with our clients, so we don’t get directly involved in production or post-production projects. Our focus is to support media professionals by providing them with what they need so they can do what they do best — create.

6.  There’s no substitute for experience.
We understand both the production process and the equipment required to support it, and we strive to anticipate our clients’ needs while continually fine-tuning our systems. This experience allows us to head-off potential problems and troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively, so your project runs smoothly.

7.  Reputation counts.
In our word-of-mouth industry, reputation is more than a matter of pride — it’s a necessity for survival. We work hard to exceed your expectations, knowing that the better you look to your client, the better we look to you.

Let us put our guiding principles to work for you.