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PluralEyes for Avid Media Composer

We’ve been watching with envy as the Internet has been buzzing about PluralEyes and its auto-syncing technology, which brings some exciting news for Avid users… PluralEyes is available to most of the major NLEs: Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Vegas and now Media Composer. The MC version is currently in beta and offered as a free download to encourage testing and, of course, feedback. This new version of PluralEyes uses AAF to move files between the two pieces of software. Here’s a step-by-step guide (as outlined on the Singular Software site): In Media Composer, create a sequence and add the clips to it. They can be positioned anywhere in the sequence, as long as all the clips from each recording device (camera, audio recorder) go on their own track. Export the sequence to AAF. Be sure to select all the tracks you want to sync first. Start PluralEyes. PluralEyes is a standalone application. In the PluralEyes main window, click the Open… button and choose the AAF file that you exported earlier. Choose any desired sync options (if you’re not sure, just leave them all unchecked) and press Sync. PluralEyes will create an output AAF file and will tell you where it is. In Media Composer, import that AAF file. The result will be a copy of the input sequence but with the clips moved around to be in sync. It’s nice to see such platform openness in third-party software like PluralEyes. Zbigniew Twarog, Chief Engineer