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Sachtler ACE/FSB4 Quick Comparison

Many people question the wisdom of buying an ACE over a Sachtler FSB4, so I thought I would hopefully put some of those questions to rest. The Sachtler line is well known for their FSB4 and FSB6 tripods, which are the go-to tripods for smaller and standard camcorders.  These tripods fit cameras anywhere from the Canon XF-105 to the PMW EX3. FSB4 holds 8.8 lbs, weighs 10.7 lbs, and also has 5 steps of counter balance and 3 grades of drag but also contains a spring loaded counter balance, which the ACE has, but as far as the actual “fluid drag system” the ACE has its own patented name for its fluid drag, which does not allow for a technical comparison between it and the Sachtler FSB4, because there are no numbers to compare or info on how the heads are made exactly, that is Sachtler patented information. The Ace, which was introduced last year, also holds 8.8 lbs, weighs 9.7 lbs., and its price point of $535 makes getting a professional tripod more do-able for those on a budget.  It features 5 steps of counter balance and 3 grades of drag. The biggest difference between the two? The ACE’s head is made of plastic (glass fiber composite) , while the Sachtler FSB4 is aluminum.  They are similar in weight, hold capacity, height, and style.  You’ll feel the drag function more smoothly in the FSB4 than the ACE. The latest update is that the ACE now is being offered with carbon fiber legs, in telescopic proportions.  That mean 10.2″ min height, no spreader, and only 5.1 lbs. for the legs.  These legs will also be available for tripods such as the FSB 4.  The Carbon Fiber version will run somewhere around the price of the aluminum Sachtler, which is $899. Michelle Brooks, Inside Sales –