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In the Showroom: 3D, Euphonix MC Color, Tripods, Z-Finders, G-Drives & More

I was recently sitting in the Showroom looking over the latest additions to our stock.  We’re steadily adding to the inventory, so I’ll post what’s new in the Showroom as it comes in.  In the meantime, if you’ve been reading Mike Sutton’s blog posts or following the latest technology in the Learning Lab sessions you’ll know what’s new!   While I was in the Showroom writing this, one of our engineers, Alex Ulloa, came running down the hallway with an unfamiliar-looking manual, and as he pressed it against the glass everything went blurry.  And I bet the same thing will happen to you when you check out the new Panasonic 3D cameras.  They’re currently being tested by our engineers and prepped for rental and demo use.  If you’re looking to buy one, check in ASAP!  For a sense of what they look and feel like when shooting, check out Mike Sutton’s blog post (he recently took one out for a test drive), or come to the October 20th Learning Lab which is all about shooting with the AG-3DA1 3D camera and the BT-3DL 2550 25.5″ 3D LCD monitor (we’ll provide the 3D glasses). Another new product you’ll see in the Showroom is the Euphonix MC Color used for Color Grading.  Most of you Final Cut Pro users have probably heard about it, but what you might not know is that Euphonix was recently bought by Avid.  We like the MC Color because Euphonix built it specifically to avoid breaking the bank.  Any other color grading option out there starts at $3,650. Then there are the new tripods, specifically the Manfrotto 701HDV, 547BK, Sachtler FSB-6 SOOM tripod, Manfrotto 504HD, 546BK tripods (replacing the discontinued 503’s) and the standard Sachtler FSB-4 and FSB-6. Last but not least, we’re doing our best to get in some custom Canon and Zacuto catalogs.  I’m guessing that a lot of you are looking online trying to figure out which kit is best for you, so let us help you with advice from people who have already put together their own custom rigs and know the parts pretty well.  Bring your camera in along with any and all of your parts, and we’ll help you rig them to go with what you need.  If there are any missing pieces, we’ll order them right then and there.  It’s nice to be able to build something that fits your needs, not changes them. We’re becoming dealers for new brands by the week, adding Euphonix, Adobe, For-A, Ross and G-Tech relationships, so keep checking in!  We just got a LARGE shipment of Zacuto Z-finders and G-Drives so come in soon! Michelle Brooks, Inside Sales Representative