1A Alpha Wheels For MōVI Controller

Rent for $125.00 per day


The Alpha Wheels are a digital, reprogrammable wireless wheel interface for camera pan tilt control. They are designed to work with various remote heads and gimbals (perfect for use with our arsenal of Freefly MōVI Systems).

The Alpha Wheels can be used in conjunction with the MōVI controller to offer complete and repeatable control over camera movement and function.

The Alpha Wheels and MōVI Controller use an all-digital communication protocol that allows the MōVI and Wheels to share ABSOLUTE POSITIONING. This means that the position of the wheels directly correlate to the position of the pan and tilt.

The Alpha Wheels are powered directly off of the 7-Pin Lemo Cable when plugged into the MōVI Controller. No other power is necessary or recommended.




USB: For firmware updates and communicate with computer applications. The Alpha Wheels can also be powered off USB. Micro USB Cable.

PWR: 7-35V Power Connector. Pin Polarity is the same as Teradek and Arri. 302.0B Pin Lemo.

I/O: Main communication port with Serial, CAN, and analog. Can also be powered via this port with regulated 5V power. 307.0B Lemo Connector

EXT: Additional port for additional capabilities and external communication. Also has 5V low wattage output. 306.0B Lemo Connector.