AJA HD10C High Definition Serial Digital to SVGA/Component Analog Converter

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The HD10C is a miniature, high-quality, 10-bit digital to analog converter for HDTV. Featuring a wide range of output formats, the HD10C can directly drive analog high resolution monitors or projectors. In addition, the HD10C’s flexible output sync options includes H and V drive – this allows full bandwidth HD video to be displayed on many “multisync” SVGA monitors. The HD10C is an excellent solution to the high cost of monitoring HDTV.


•Low Cost, High Quality, 10-bit HDTV D/A Conversion
•Full Bandwidth HD Analog RGB or YPbPr Output
•Automatic Multi-Standard
•Composite Sync or H and V Drive
•Composite Sync Selectable between Bi-level and Tri-level
•External Dipswitch Configuration
•Optional 12V Power


1080i @ 50/59.94/60 Hz
1035i @ 50/59.94/60 Hz
1080p sf @ 23.98/24/25/29.97/30 Hz (displayed as Interlaced)
720p @ 59.94/60 Hz
Automatic Configuration

HD-SDI SMPTE-292/296
Input Equalization: 100 Meter 1505 Cable

YPbPr – OR – RGB (SMPTE-274)
13W3 Connector (Cable Supplied)
HD-SDI EQ Loop-Thru, 2x BNC

Tri-level or Bi-level, H/V Drive

Frequency Resp:
Y +0, – .5dB to 30Mhz
C +/- .25dB to 15Mhz

User Controls:
External Dipswitch
Sync Mode
RGB/YPbPr Output
Tri or Bi-level Sync

+5V DC Regulated, 4 Watts

5.8" x 3.1" x 1" (147 x 79 x 25mm)


AC power supply