Angelbird 128GB V90 300MB/s U3 SDXC Card for EVA-1

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The Angelbird 128GB U3 V90 SDXC cards are built to take advantage of the highest speed, resolution and bit depth recording provided by cameras and recorders. Specifically designed for use with the Panasonic EVA-1, these cards will handle all resolutions and codecs the camera is capable of, including 4K 10-bit 400Mb/s All-I.


• Write-Protection Switch

• Dustproof

• Magnet-Proof

• Shockproof

• Temperature Extremes Tolerant

• Waterproof

• X-ray proof


Speed Rating: 2000x

Read Speed (Sustained): 300 MB/s Maximum

Write Speed (Sustained): 260 MB/s Maximum

Write Speed (Minimum): 90 MB/s

Operating Temperature: -13 to 185°F / -25 to 85°C

Storage Temperature: -40 to 185°F / -40 to 85°C