ARRI 650W Light with Barndoors

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The Arri 650W is one of the lighting industry’s workhorses. A very versatile tungsten light fixture, the fresnel lens helps to provide a crisp, controllable light source.


• High quality lens and reflector for excellent optical performance
• Compact size and lightweight
• Robust construction of rust-resistant, extruded, die cast aluminium
• Easy and convenient operation
• Quick and easy service access


Uses maximum 650W/120V Bulb (FRK) Can also use 500W/120V (FRG), 300W/120V (FKW). When traveling outside the country 650W/220V (FRL).
Weight.: 7.1 lbs w/25ft cable.
Lens: 4.3 inch
Lampholder: GY9.5
Mounting: 5/8 inch Standard Baby Stand Mount
Photometrics @ 10ft.: Spot 468 Footcandles, 2.5 Ft Beam Diameter. Flood 108 Footcandles, 9.8 Ft Beam Diameter.
Photometrics @ 15ft.: Spot 208 Footcandles, 3.8 Ft Beam Diameter. Flood 48 Footcandles, 14.6 Ft Beam Diameter.


• Arri 650W fixture
• Fresnel lens
• Set of scrims
• Set of barndoors
• Spare 650W lamp
• Lightweight stand (on request)