ARRI ZMU 3A Zoom Control Unit

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The ARRI Zoom Main Unit ZMU-3A is an ergonomic handgrip zoom controller that works with the ALEXA Plus and Studio cameras and in conjunction with the UMC-4, SMC-1 and EMC-1 motor controllers.

The Zoom Main Unit ZMU-3A is a handgrip zoom controller that can be mounted on tripod pan arms while being connected to camera and motor. It includes a force sensitive zoom knob that assistants’ thumbs all over the world are familiar with.


• Versatile Functions
Zoom speed can be precisely adjusted and zoom limits can be set. A large bar graph shows zoom position, zoom speed and various status messages, and a ZAP button allows for a quick zoom-in for focus check. A switch changes the running direction of the attached lens motor. The RUN switch starts recoding on film and digital cameras.

• Tethered or Wireless Operation
ZMU-3A can be connected directly to an ARRI CLM-2, CLM-3 or CLM-4 lens motor and power source. Alternatively, it can be connected with the UMC-4 motor controller or any ALEXA camera that includes the Plus Module. The optional Wireless Zoom Extension WZE-3 allows wireless operation of the ZMU-3A. In any case, the ZMU-3A can be used in parallel with WCU-4.

• Compatible with :
-ARRI Wireless Zoom Extension WZE-3
-ARRI ALEXA Plus 4:3
-ARRI Universal Motor Controller UMC-4
-ARRI Single Motor Controller SMC-1
-ARRI ENG Motor Controller EMC-1
-ARRICAM, ARRI 416PLUS, ARRI 435 Extreme


Operating temperature: -20 to +50C (-4 to +122F)
Operating voltage: 10 to 30 V DC in two ranges (12/24 V nominal)
ARRICAM compatible
Typical current consumption: 0.05 A (24 V)/0.07 A (12 V)


ZMU-3A Zoom Controller
Handgrip to Rosette adapter
Pan Handle
Handgrip Dual Rosette Adapter
33’ ZMU to LCS Cable
(2) 2.5’ ZMU to LCS Cable