Convergent Design Apollo SSD Video Switcher Recorder

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The Convergent Design Apollo is a portable multichannel monitor/recorder. It’s a production studio in the palm of your hand – monitor, record, switch and play! Apollo can simultaneously record up to four HD video signals, along with a fifth channel of either a live-switch between the four or a quad-split reference view. Apollo can also function as a four-channel live switcher while simultaneously recording the four isolated HD video signals.


• HD video recording, up to four signals simultaneously

• 1080p24 / 1080p30 / 1080i60 / 720p60 (60hz territories)

• 1080p25 / 1080i50/720p50 (50hz territories)

• Apple ProRes HQ/422/LT

• Record four HD signals and one quad-split view

• Record four HD signals and one live switch

• Up to four SDI inputs or three SDI & one HDMI

• Embedded audio or analog input

• Loss of any signal does not interrupt recording of other channels

• Apollo Media Manager App outputs four separate files or one master multi-camera QuickTime for simplified post

• Dual SSDs allow spanning (long record time) or mirroring (simultaneous backup)

• 3.5 hours recording time at highest quality [2TB of 4x HD signals & live switch, 1080p30, Apple

• ProRes 422(HQ); 8.5 hours in Apple ProRes 422(LT)]

• No Genlock required

• Touchscreen interface

• Monitor outputs for switched or quad view

• Two SDI outputs, one HDMI output

• Preset or Custom Monitoring LUTs

• Image Analysis tools: False Color, Focus Assist, Histogram, Pixel Zoom, Spot Meter, Vectorscope, Waveform, and Zebra

• 7.7” OLED panel for true blacks and accurate colors


Size: 7.9”x6.1”x1”
Weight: 1.2lbs.