Digital Sputnik Voyager LED Kit


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The Digital Sputnik Voyager is a smart LED light fixture which combines light source, battery, and remote controller into a single product. A phone or a computer is used as an interface. No additional hardware is required. The Voyager software can even auto-detect fixtures on the set.

With the Voyager it is possible to use your favorite diffusion filter by Lee or Rosco. There are two available slots to install the filter. The first layer is inside the diffuser tube. The second layer is right over the LEDs, and the cutout strip mounts right into the groove around the LEDs.

Every Voyager unit has a built in WiFi router that can control a set of Voyagers. Once you switch on the routing fixture, the Voyagers will automatically connect to the router within one minute. The system will work best within a 30-foot radius.

The Voyager has a 200fps animation engine that is configurable with lightgrading software and usable via ArtNet, sACN or OSC devices. The user can create custom animations with a point and click interface and use the fixture in a DMX controlled set. The 1st channel selects preset animation saved in the fixture, and the rest manages the animation properties. The animation feature can also be used for long exposure takes. The voyager has a manual flash function, that will time down to 1/500th/sec.

The Digital Sputnik Voyager is also a complete waterproof package.

The fixture can be used fully submerged up to 2 meters of depth for 30 minutes.



2ft Fixture:

Dimensions: 24”x2.5”x2”

Weight: 2.43lbs

Resolution: 39 Pixels

Pixel Color: RGBW (3000K)

Power Draw: 20W

Battery: 45Wh

4ft Fixture:

Dimensions: 44.3”x2.5”x2”

Weight: 4.86lbs

Resolution: 83 Pixels

Pixel Color: RGBW (3000K)

Power Draw: 40W

Battery: 90Wh


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