DJI Ronin 4D 6K 4 Axis Digital Cinema Camera

Rent for $425.00 per day


The innovative new DJI Ronin 4D combines the image quality of a studio digital cinema camera, with the flexibility of a handheld gimbal. This self-contained system adjusts to movement through the integrated 4-axis gimbal and keeps the sensor stable and level even through bumpy terrain. The 6K sensor features 14+ stops of dynamic range and delivers accurate color and natural highlight and shadow falloff. It records in ProRes RAW, ProRes 422HQ and H.264 formats. Wireless video can be transmitted up to 20,000 feet to a wireless high-bright monitor with access to camera control and independent recording and playback. A LiDAR range finder unit provides real-time, eye-safe distance measurements and can be used for auto focus and auto tracking of your subject. Our Ronin 4D comes with an E mount lens mount. Select E mount lenses can be used due to weight and balancing parameters.

*Wireless monitor available as a separate rental item*


– 6K Sensor

– 14+ Stops of Dynamic Range

– Capable of RAW format Recording

– 4-Axis gimbal stabilization

– Built in ND Filters

– LiDAR Range finder for auto focus and tracking

– Wireless Video Transmission

– Wireless Camera Control


– 6K Sensor

– Recording Formats: ProRes RAW, ProRes 422HQ, H.264

– Gamma Formats: D-Log, Rec.709, HLG

– Built in ND filters: .3 to 2.7

– E Mount

– Wireless Video Transmission up to 20,000 feet


DJI Ronin 4D
6K Camera Unit
EVF Monitor
Top Handle
Right Handgrip
Left Handgrip
X9 E Mount Lens Mount
LiDAR Range Finder
TX2 Video Transmitter
TB50 Battery Mount
ProSSD Adapter
X9 Counterweight
TB50 Battery Charger
AC Power Supply w/AC Cable
USB A to C Cables
(2) USB C to C Cables
(4) TB50 Batteries