DMG Lumiere SL1 Mix


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The patent-pending MIX technology features a proprietary blend of six LEDs: Red + Lime + Green + Blue + Amber + White. This enables the SL1 MIX fixture to generate a wide gamut of colors and create accurate Rosco gel matches.

The SL1 MIX can produce bright, bold colors, and a powerful volume of white light – all from its ultra-thin, lightweight and robust housing.

There are no complicated menus on the SL1 MIX. Simply choose between three different modes: White Mode, Gel Mode and Color Mode, then choose the color temperature, hue or Rosco gel color desired and adjust as-needed. All of these features are available using the fixture’s on-board controls, or via the myMIX app from your mobile device.



Metric Size:  1118 x 205 x 37mm

Metric Weight:  4.18 kg

Imperial Size:  44 x 8 x 1.4 ‘’

Imperial Weight:  9.2 lb

Max Power:  200 watts

Type of LED:  3030

Number of LEDs:  576 (96×6)

CRI (Color Rendering Index):  CRI Average > 95  TLCI Average > 90

Lux @ 1 metre (3ft) (without any diffuser):  4100 @3200 / 4036 @5600

Lux @ 3 metres (10ft) (without any diffuser):  552 @3200 / 544 @5600

Color temperature (with diffuser):  1700 – 10000°k

Battery Powered:  Yes (any source from 24 to 35VDC)

Body Material:  100% Aluminum (except screws)

Circuit Board Material:  100% Aluminum

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