DPA 4088F Headband Microphone

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The DPA 4088F offers an open and natural sound making it ideal for both spoken word and vocal performance applications.It also provides excellent off-axis rejection in high-SPL situations. The microphone efficiently suppresses distant sound sources making it perfect for demanding live performance environments where background noise and feedback are concerns.


• Very Lightweight and virtually invisible on stage.
• Cardiod pickup pattern makes the microphone more directional than other headset microphones for good off axis rejection of unwanted sounds.


Directional characteristics:
Principle of operation:
Pressure gradient
Cartridge type:
Pre-polarized condenser element with vertical diaphragm
Frequency range:
± 2 dB: 100 Hz – 20 kHz (4 – 6 dB soft boost at 15 kHz)
Sensitivity, nominal:
±3 dB at 1 kHz: 6 mV/Pa; 44 dB re. 1 V/Pa
Total harmonic distortion:
< 1 % up to 123 dB SPL peak; < 1 % up to 120 dB SPL RMS sine
Dynamic range:
Typ. 97 dB
Max. SPL, peak before clipping:
144 dB
Output impedance:
30 – 40 ohm
Cable drive capability:
Up to 300 m (984 ft)
Connector :
Microphone weight:
14 g (0.5 oz) incl. cable and MicroDot connector
Microphone diameter:
5.5 mm (0.25 in)
Microphone length:
11 mm (0.5 in)
Cable length:
1.2 m (3.9 ft)
Cable diameter:
1.6 mm (0.06 in)
Positively increasing sound pressure produces positive going voltage on MicroDot pin
Operating temp. range:
-10 to 45°C (14 to 113° F)