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DZOFilms Catta 70-135mm

The Catta zooms from DZOFilm offer new lightweight options for cinematic filmmaking. These lenses accurately reproduce color and skintone with pleasing bokehs and focus fall-off. They are lightweight and uniform in size–perfect for quick changes and on the go filmmaking. Parfocal design allows the lenses to maintain their focus throughout their zoom range, without breathing or image shift.  They are available in E mount and cover full frame sensors.

  • Lightweight
  • Full Frame (E mount)
  • Accurate color and skin tones
  • Minimal breathing
  • E Mount
  • T2.9 – T22
  • Close Focus: 2’5″ (35-80mm) 2’6″ (70-135mm)
  • Front Diameter: 80mm
DZOFilms Catta 70-135mm