Edit System – Package B

Rent for $600.00 per day

CALL OR EMAIL FOR MULTI-DAY RATES! Customized Edit System Packages are available! Click here to read Alex Enman’s blog post on why we went “all-in on renting edit systems”.


Our pre-built, professional edit systems offer the smartest, most-reliable packages and support for editors, graphic designers, colorists, post supervisors, and students.

We hand-picked 3 options to make it as easy and bulletproof as possible. In addition, we can customize a system to fit the needs (and budget) of your project. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, or in Package A or C, contact us to select from a menu of customization options.

Edit System – Package B consists of a Mac Pro 8 Core, Dell 24″ HD Monitor, Blackmagic Ultrastudio Express/3D, Mackie Big Knob, Genelec 8010 8″ Audio Monitors, and Final Cut Pro X




• Mac Pro 8 Core

• Dell 24″ HD Monitor

• Blackmagic Ultrastudio Express/3D

• Mackie Big Knob

• Genelec 8010 8″ Audio Monitors

• Final Cut Pro X