Flowcine Black Arm

Rent for $325.00 per day


The Black Arm is a hard mount system for attaching gimbals to vehicles such as cars, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles etc. It is a 3-axis dampening system with an additional vibration mount for stabilizing roll and tilt errors as well as vertical motion and vibrations.



Each Black arm ships with one anti-vibration mount (AVM). The main purpose of the AVM is to reduce high frequency vibrations, such as noise from a cars engine. In order to maximise the efficiency of the AVM, you should use the version that matches your load and conditions.

The Tranquilizer AVM that ships with our Black arm has many adjustments to fine tune it’s performance, and may give better results if you have the time and skills to configure it properly.

Pick the one that matches the total weight of everything (gimbal, camera and accessories) you will hang on to the Black arm.


The Pro case is made in all-black, to perfectly match the Black arm. It features powder coated black metal corners, heavy duty recessed handles and butterfly catches. It also has wheels, so you can roll the case just like a cabin bag. To match the clean exterior, the foam in the Pro case is all black.


Mounting the Black arm is as simple as clamping it on to a standard 48-52mm speed rail. You build a rig onto your vehicle, using standard grip components like speed rail and dual clamps, possibly using Flowcines Universal rack or Stub mount. Then you simply clamp the Black on there, with the two single clamps at the back of the arm.

There are several ways to attach your gimbal to the Black arm. The included base plate has hole patterns to match the Freefly Toad in a hole and Cinemilled Universal Ronin mount for easy attachment of the MoVI and Ronin gimbals. We also make a Mitchell female mount for gimbals that uses the Mitchell connector.

On each side of the Blacks head, there are cheese plates suitable to mount batteries or Kenyon gyros on.



Tranquilizer weight ranges:

The Tranquilizer ships with two sets of polymers, the shore 30 and shore 40. The rest of the packs are sold separately.

Shore 20 weight range: up to 5.40 – 10.75kg

Shore 30 weight range: up to 6.70 – 13.25kg

Shore 40 weight range up to 11.25 – 22.50kg

Shore 50 weight range up to 13.75 – 27.50kg

Shore 60 weight range up to 19.00 – 34.50kg


Black Arm

(2) Tilt Dampener

(2) Roll Dampener

(2) Vertical Dampener

19mm 13mm 10mm Ratchet Wrench

(6) Tension Screws

(6) Bearing Washers | (12) Washers

(4) 7mm Spring | (4) 7.5mm Spring

(4) Dual Spring Brackets

Black Arm Hardware Kit:

Short & Long Vertical Shafts

Short & Long Vertical Spacers

Short & Long Roll Shafts

Short & Long Tilt Shafts

(2) Lock Nuts | (2) Spacers

(8) M8 25mm Screws

(4) M8 Nuts | (8) M8 Washers

(4) M4 12mm & (4) M3 10mm Screw

(4) Orange Shims

Tow Hitch Mount

Tranquilizer Mount

(32) Shore 30 O Rings (White)

(8) Shore 30 Pan Barrels

(8) Plates | (4) M6 50mm Screw

Tranquilizer Mount Hardware Kit:

(32) Shore 40 O Rings (Yellow)

(4) M6 35mm & (4) M6 25mm Screw

(4) M6 10mm Screws

6mm & 5mm Hex Wrenches

3mm & 2.5mm Hex Wrenches