Heden Carat Wireless Follow Focus System

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A Hedén Carat Lens Control system consists of a hand unit / transmitter (Tx), a receiver / amplifier (Rx), a Hedén motor M21VE-L and appropriate cables, forming a high precision null-seeking closed loop servo system.

The Bluetooth wireless protocol enables you to wirelessly control the motor via the receiver / amplifier unit.  The Carat handset is powered by 9vdc Lithium-ion battery.

The binding of the transmitter and receiver is quick and easy procedure, ensuring interference free operating. The outdoor range in free sight is up to 1000 meters. indoor range is appox 30 – 60 meters.




• Handheld Transmitter
• Battery Door
• Receiver
• Neck Strap (5 Pieces)
• (2) Marking Discs
• (3) Rechargeable 9V Batteries
• Battery Charger
• Motor w/ Rod Mount
• (2) 19mm to 15mm Insert
• 0.8 Pitch Focus Gear
• 0.6 Pitch Focus Gear
• 0.5 Pitch Focus Gear
• 0.4 Pitch Focus Gear
• 0.8 Pitch Wide Gear w/ 3 Screws
• Cable Bag
• (2) Motor Cable
• (2) DTap Power Cable
• (1) 3Pin Fischer 24V Power Cable
• Anton Bauer Multi Tap
• Arri Start Stop Cable
• Red Epic Pro IO Start Stop Cable
• Fujinon Cabrio Direct Cable
• Fujinon Cabrio Y Cable
• 15 to 19mm Dogbone