Heden Carat Wireless Follow Focus System

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A Hedén Carat Lens Control system consists of a hand unit / transmitter (Tx), a receiver / amplifier (Rx), a Hedén motor M21VE-L and appropriate cables, forming a high precision null-seeking closed loop servo system.

The Bluetooth wireless protocol enables you to wirelessly control the motor via the receiver / amplifier unit.  The Carat handset is powered by a 9V Lithium-ion battery.

The binding of the transmitter and receiver is a quick and easy procedure, ensuring interference free operating. The outdoor range (line of sight) is up to 1000 meters. Indoor range is approximately 30 – 60 meters.




• Handheld Transmitter
• Battery Door
• Receiver
• Neck Strap (5 Pieces)
• (2) Marking Discs
• (3) Rechargeable 9V Batteries
• Battery Charger
• Motor w/ Rod Mount
• (2) 19mm to 15mm Insert
• 0.8 Pitch Focus Gear
• 0.6 Pitch Focus Gear
• 0.5 Pitch Focus Gear
• 0.4 Pitch Focus Gear
• 0.8 Pitch Wide Gear w/ 3 Screws
• Cable Bag
• (2) Motor Cable
• (2) DTap Power Cable
• (1) 3Pin Fischer 24V Power Cable
• Anton Bauer Multi Tap
• Arri Start Stop Cable
• Red Epic Pro IO Start Stop Cable
• Fujinon Cabrio Direct Cable
• Fujinon Cabrio Y Cable
• 15 to 19mm Dogbone