Kessler Second Shooter Plus

Rent for $125.00 per day



The Kessler Second Shooter Plus is a 3-axis pan, tilt and slide system that provides accurate and repeatable motion control for cameras setups up to 10 pounds in weight. Kessler’s Second Shooter Plus motion controller allows the user to program and save complex camera moves in minutes. It is perfect for timelapse, stop-motion or VFX work, be it in the field or studio.

The compact pan/tilt head can be mounted to a tripod for 2-axis work or to a Kessler slider with dedicated slide motors for further versatility by incorporating the slide axis. All axes can be programed by the motion controller itself, or through WiFi via the kOS app on an iPad. Canon camera control cables add the additional flexibility of controlling camera settings in addition to the Second Shooter motor programming.

*Slider and camera rented separately*


– 2 or 3-axis operation: pan, tilt and slide

– Easy set up in minutes

– Versatile, repeatable and precise programmable actions

– Canon camera control

– System control via Wifi and iPad app


– Compatible with Kessler sliders

– 10lb. load capacity

– AC or MagPak battery powered

– 2-axis pan/tile head

– Slide axis via motor mount and slider


Second Shooter Plus Controller
Pan & Tilt Head
Slider Motor
Motor Mount
Motor Pulley
Motor Doubler Pulley
(2) MagPak Batteries
MagPak AC Power Adapter
MagPak Barrel to Barrel Cable
(2) 3/8” to 3/8” Flat Mount
(2) 6’ Ethernet Bridge Cable
1’ Ethernet Bridge Cable
Canon Camera Control Cable
Camera Control Extension Cable
USB 2.0 A to Micro B Cable
(2) Thumbscrew Tie Downs
Spare Rubber Pulley Gear