Kino Flo Diva 400 Light Fixture – 2ft/Four Bank

Rent for $75.00 per day

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The Diva Lite 400 is a portable softlight, consistent with Kino Flo’s design commitment to compact, lightweight component softlight systems. This instrument incorporates a built-in dimmer and the ballast is built into the light itself.

An incorporated output switch allows you to utiilize 2 or all 4 lamps. Turning off 2 lamps equals a one-stop reduction in light output without color shift.

This version of the Diva 400 is also designed with a proprietary power supply (85VAC to 265VAC) so there are no worries if you need to travel overseas with it.

Our light comes in a kit with 5 warm and 5 cool lamps (The Diva 400 requires 4), a gel frame, flozier (diffusion screen) and a silver louvered egg crate.


• Compact, lightweight fixture
• Dimmable with built-in dimmer
• Each lamp is switchable
• Comes with complete sets of 3200K and 5600K lamps



• Kino Diva 400 w/ stand mount
• (5) Daylight Bulbs
• (5) Tungsten Bulbs
• 2ft 4 Flozier Diva Bank Diffusion
• Egg Crate
• Gel Frame