Kobold 400W HMI Light

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Not all HMIs are created equal. This HMI from Bron Kobold earns its place on the set with its flexibility, compact size, and weatherproof construction. It’s an ideal light to use as a fill in outdoor settings due to its daylight-balanced color temperature and weatherproof design. Our kit comes with a small chimera to diffuse the light as well as a set of barndoors. When designing the lamp base and ballast, special emphasis was put on an efficient protection against dust and drip water. All openings are protected or sealed. The operating elements are equipped with a waterproof protective cap. The trigger unit is waterproof up to the bulb socket, allowing cold and hot triggering even in a humid environment.

The lamp base housing is made from sturdy aluminum and steel. Despite the rugged design, and the various measures to make the equipment all-weather-proof, the weight and volume are comparatively small.


• Lightweight design
• High 97+ CRI
• Water Resistant IP54 Rating
• Continual focus- variable spot-flood
• Completely silent operation
• Single shadow beam shaping
• Fully dimmable from 100% to 0%
• Default 5600K temp
• Yoke mount for pan and tilt
• Sturdy, durable aluminum construction
• AC power ONLY


Head Dimensions: 5.5″ x 5.6″ x 6.6″
Head Weight: 3 lbs
Lamp: 400 watt MSR 400W HR hot restrike
Cable length: 19.5 ft
Stand adapter: 5/8″ Baby Receiver


• 400 HMI Head w/ headcable
• Barndoors
• EWB 400/575 Ballast
• Ballast AC cable
• Diffusion filter
• Warming filter
• Small chimera w/ bag
• (4) Rods for chimera
• Outer diffusion for chimera
• Speed ring for chimera
• Spare bulb