Lectrosonics UH 400A Wireless Cube Transmitter

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Digital Hybrid Wireless combines digital audio with an analog FM radio link to provide outstanding audio quality and the extended operating range of the finest analog wireless systems.

The UH400A is a digital hybrid synthesized UHF plug-on transmitter compatible with all receivers in the 400, 200 and 100 Series product groups. A unique multi-voltage phantom power feature allows the transmitter to be used with any microphone, including high current condenser types, expanding its usefulness in high-end applications such as motion picture production.

The transmitter provides 256 frequencies in standard Lectro frequency blocks, selected with two rotary switches on the side of the housing. The input amplifier uses an ultra low noise op-amp for quiet operation. It is gain controlled with a wide range dual envelope limiter which cleanly limits input signal peaks over 30 dB above full modulation. A 24-bit A-D converter digitizes the audio, then filters supersonic audio above 21 kHz. The RF transmission is an optimized FM system with +/-75 kHz wide deviation for a high signal to noise ratio.


• Converts microphones with XLR jacks to wireless operation
• Selectable 5, 15 and 48 volt phantom power plus off position
• 256 synthesized UHF frequencies
• 100 mW output power
• Dual envelope input limiter
• Dual bicolor LEDs indicate four different levels for accurate gain adjustment
• DSP based pilot-tone signal
• Isolator protected output stage
• Rugged machined aluminum housing