Panasonic 64GB Micro P2 Card

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Panasonic has developed microP2 card solid-state recording media for broadcast use with the same size as the SD Memory Card. While dramatically reducing the size and cost of the current P2 card (which is PC card size), the new microP2 card offers the same level of data capacity, as well as high transfer speed, superb reliability and excellent security.


• Reading of up to 2.0 Gbps due to compliance with the UHS-II SD memory card standard for high-speed data transfer.
• Highly reliable design inherited from the P2 card with features like RAID technology and an error correction function.
• CPS (Content Protection System) for password protection.
• High bending and twisting strength (200% that of the SD standard).
• Easy management with a QR code for unique identification, a writable memo area, and a P2 card sized case.
• A function that informs the user when it is time to replace the card.