Panasonic BT LH1760P 17 inch HD-SDI/SD Monitor

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Based on the BT-LH1700W, which has long been popular for its versatility in both studio and field applications, the BT-LH1760 provides even better image quality and performance in a 17″ LCD monitor for broadcast use. Double-speed (120 Hz/100 Hz) drive minimizes motion blur, and a new image processing engine with a three-dimensional LUT (Look Up Table) achieves faithful color reproduction.

Efficient broadcast and image production work is made possible by a host of powerful display functions, including a vectorscope, waveform monitor, cross hatch, pixel-to-pixel, HV delay, monochrome mode, split screen, audio level meter, time code, and closed caption display. With power consumption current operating on AC power reduced by 50%, and the quiet operation of its fanless drive, the BT-LH1760 is ideal for use in editing studios


Double-Speed Drive for Blur-Free Moving Images
Moving images without any motion blur are achieved by driving at a speed (120 Hz/100 Hz) that is twice the panel speed and inserting a black frame of a certain level between frames. Unlike frame creation methods, this system minimizes afterimages while displaying images faithful to the input signal. This high-performance, high-speed image display function is ideal for broadcast applications.

Faithful Color Reproduction
The BT-LH1760 features a new image processing engine. By using a three-dimensional LUT (Look Up Table) for each RGB color and applying precise 10-bit image processing, it achieves faithful color reproduction from low to high brightness levels in all video formats.

Versatile Display Performance and Functions

Advanced image-enhancing circuitry, including excellent motion response and a diagonal line compensation circuit.
Wide, 176° horizontal and vertical viewing angle.
Marker and blue-only functions.
Vectorscope (SDI-In only) and waveform monitoring.
Cross hatch overlay display.
Pixel-to-pixel display without resizing HD pixels.
HV delay display and monochrome mode.
Coordination of multiple cameras on split screens.
Time code (SDI-In) and closed caption [Video (NTSC) input Only] display.
Cine-gamma (F-REC) compensation for Varicam shooting.
Audio level meter overlay display (with SDI input).
Low Current Consumption, Fanless Drive
The consumption current of the new BT-LH1760 operating on AC power is about 50% lower than our previous model. And when no signal is received for 60 continuous seconds, the Power Save mode is activated to further minimize power consumption. This enables fanless drive, for a level of quiet operation that makes this model ideal for use in editing studios and Mastering rooms.


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• 17” HD Monitor
• Nebtek LCD Bracket Mount
• (2) Piece Hood
• AC Power Cable