Preston V+F Lens Control Single Channel Wireless Unit

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The V+F Lens control is available as a single channel wireless/cable control (p/n 4050) or a cable only version (p/n 4051). Both are used with DM-1X or DM-2 digital motors. When used with video cameras and cinema style lenses, it allows control of the iris either through the camera or through a choice of hard wire or wireless controls. Wireless channels are indicated on the digital display (p/n 4050). A three position switch adjusts the motor torque level, and a second switch determines the direction of motor rotation. A simple calibration procedure sets up the iris of Cinema Style lenses to work with video cameras.


The FI+Z Hand Unit 3 (p/n 4060) is used for wireless operation with the wireless V+F Lens Control version 4050. The mode switch selects whether the unit responds to Focus, Iris, or Zoom commands. Camera Run/VTR signals are available for controlling all film and video cameras.

The Remote Iris Box (p/n 4020) may also be used in conjunction with the V+F Control for remote operation via a cable connection.

The unit operates over a voltage range of 11 – 30 VDC. For video cameras, all power and control signals are provided through the 12-pin Hirose on the camera. Film cameras having accessory receptacles capable of 1.5A @ 24V ( Arri 435, Panavision) can also be used to provide both power and camera run functions. Otherwise, separate receptacles are provided for external power and Camera Run/VTR.


Size: 107mm x 66mm x 45mm (4.2″ x 2.6″ x 1.75″)

Weight: 350g

Power Requirements: 11 – 30 VDC 0.2A quiescent at 12VDC.

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• Preston FI Hand Unit

• Neck Strap | Hand Unit Antenna

• V+F Lens Control Receiver

• Rx Antenna

• V+F Lens Control Mounting Bracket

• DM4X Digital Motor

• Integral Motor Mounting Bracket

• .8 Pitch Lens Gear

• .4 Pitch Lens Gear

• Sony NP Battery Charger

• (3) Sony NP Batteries

• (2) 19mm to 15mm Insert

• 15mm to .625” Insert

• (5) Marking Discs

• (2) Motor Cables

• DTap Power Cable

• (3) Arri 3 pin Fischer Power Cables

• (2) Panavision Camera Cables