QTV LCD Exec. Speech Prompter Base

Rent for $325.00 per day

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This Executive prompter set is ideal for live speeches or presentations made from a podium or a stage. The dual-display setup affords the speech-maker two script-reading locations, thus allowing for a more natural delivery. The display monitors, enclosed in unobtrusive wood paneling, project upward onto panes of glass suspended on extendable poles. A classy and effective system.


• Two 15 inch Monitors, hardware and software for Speech Prompting.
• Poles extend to 40 inches long (which results in the base of the glass being 46 inches from the floor once the pole is in the stand)
• Panels are roughly 25 high x 16 wide x 17.5 inches deep. Measurements may be used if client would like to build around the existing panels