RED Gemini 5K Digital Cinema Camera

Rent for $900.00 per day

CALL OR EMAIL FOR MULTI-DAY RATES! Click here for details and here for the flyer.


RED delivers the most sensitive imager to date with improved low light and shadow performance in the Gemini, bringing the wide ISO performance we have grown to love into the RED camera platform.

Featuring a dual sensitivity rating, the Gemini produces a clean high ISO image.  REDCODE RAW, Apple ProRes, and Avid DNX recording allow the Gemini imager to capture a full 5K (5120×3000 pixels) from its imager at up to 75fps. The camera leaps all the way up to 300fps at 2K resolution. The Gemini imager is also 300 pixels taller than RED’s other imagers. This helps take greater advantage of traditional anamorphic lenses by having a taller aspect ratio. The high bandwidth DSCM2 architecture allows for recording to RED’s Mini Mags at up to 300 MB/s.