Sanken Cos 11 Lavalier Mic

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The Sanken COS-11s was designed using the unique “Vertical Diaphragm Layout” which provides superb sound from a microphone so small it is almost invisible. The COS-11s has perfect OmniDirectional polar patterns from 20Hz to 20kHz, and very natural sound from 50Hz to 20kHz. The frequency response is consciously adjusted to the human voice. Suitable for a wide range of applications including musical theatre, TV news studio, ENG, TV-movie outdoor shooting and even live singing recording.

Please note – all our Sankens are wired to work exclusively with our Lectrosonic (or other TA5 input) wireless transmitters.


• Rugged 2.1mm cable
• Ultra-miniature
• Perfect Omni-Directional from 50Hz to 20kHz
• Unique vertical diaphragm layout
• Surface noise isolation
• High durability from sweat and cosmetics



• Cos 11s microphone
• Windscreen
• (2) mounting clips