Shure FP 33 Audio Field Mixer

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The Shure FP33 is a 3-input, 2 output, portable stereo mixer that is specifically designed for remote audio recording, electronic field production, electronic news gathering, and location film production.

The FP33 features high-quality, sealed input potentiometers, Dynamic range of over 100dB 48V phantom, 12V phantom power, and 12V T (A-B) power, LED indicators of input levels, output peaks, limiter action, and low battery. Pop-up pan pots and a link switch to couple inputs 2 & 3 into a stereo pair, Mix Bus to connect an additional FP33 or FP32A, comprehensive headphone monitoring control including headphone MS stereo matrix, internal DIP switches for over 4,000 customized setups. The FP33 has an exceptionally low self-noise and a wide dynamic range that are great for use with DAT and other digital recording media.

Operates for 8 hours on two 9v batteries


• Exceptionally quiet design, suitable for use with DAT and other digital formats
• Extended frequency response of 20 Hz–20 kHz
• Dynamic range greater than 100 dB
• Transformer balanced inputs and outputs for superior rejection of RFI and electromagnetic hum
• Three selectable mic/line inputs
• Two selectable mic/line outputs
• Wide range input gain controls handle hot signal levels without attenuators
• 48 V phantom, 12 V phantom, and 12 V T (A-B) microphone power
• Pop-up pan pots
• Link switch gangs inputs 2 and 3 to control a stereo microphone
• Switchable low-cut filters on each input
• Bi-color LED signal presence and peak indicator for each input
• Professional VU meters with selectable timed or toggled backlighting
• Dual clutched Master gain control for simultaneous or separate adjustment of output levels
• Bi-color LED limiter and peak indicator for each output
• Two linkable output peak limiters with adjustable thresholds and release times
• Slate microphone and slate tone with selectable functions
• Isolated two-way talk-back using Monitor In and modified Slate Mic/Tape Out jack
• High tolerance 3.5 mm jacks for stereo Tape Out and Monitor In
• 1 kHz tone oscillator
• Mix bus jack and cable to link FP33 or FP32A mixers
• Headphone monitor mode switch to select L, L+R (Mono), R, or Stereo
• Internal headphone level adjustments to balance post–master audio levels and Monitor In levels at the headphone output
• Selectable M/S decoding circuit for headphone monitor.
• Mixer/Monitor In switch (locking and momentary)
• Internal Monitor defeat switch for split-feed headphone operation
• Headphone volume control
1/4 in. and 3.5 mm jacks for stereo headphone outputs.
Customized operation via internal DIP switches, trim pots, slide switches, and optional jumpers
Regulated voltage rails (±15 Vdc) provide exceptional headroom
Bi-color power On/Off LED
Battery check switch and low battery warning LED
Non-polarized external power jack
External power operating range of 12 to 30 Vdc
Soft-touch, color coded control knobs with raised position indicators
Metal XLR input and output connectors
Rugged, plated metal chassis
Operates for 8 hours on two 9 V alkaline batteries
Includes carrying case, shoulder strap, and mix bus cable


Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance Input: Mic: 1 kΩ; Line: 50 kΩ; Monitor: 10 kΩ
Impedance Output: Mic: 1 Ω; Line: 150 Ω; Tape: 2,2 kΩ; Headphones: 300 Ω

Maximum input level:
Mic: -10 dBV
Line: +36 dBV
Monitor: +21 dBV

Maximum output level:
Mic: -31 dBV
Line: +18 dBm
Tape: +3 dBV
Mix Bus: +11 dBV

Total harmonic Distortion :
< 0,25 % at +4 dBm output, 50 Hz to 20 kHz
Dimensions: 184 mm x 161 mm x 58 mm
Weight: 1600 g

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