Sony AWS G500 Anycast Station Live Content Producer Switcher

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The Anycast Station is includes a video switcher, audio mixer, an LCD display, and camera control functions, all packed into a compact attache case design. This approach eliminates any external wiring and cumbersome signal adjustments, making setup extremely easy and quick. On the large LCD screen, there are two windows for monitoring the program and preview outputs, together with seven windows to view each individual input source plus one internal still picture source, eliminating the need for many picture monitors. These factors make the Anycast Station a powerful device for producing live events, virtually anywhere and with a minimum production crew and without having to rent additional equipment such as monitors and audio mixers.

The AWS-G500 provides a comprehensive set of AV and IT inputs, which can include HD-SDI, SD-SDI, Analog HD, Analog Composite, S-video, DV, and Balanced Audio as well as computer RGB inputs. Different input options can be configured by us to your specific needs. The unique processing of the Anycast Station system allows live switching between these video and computer sources including switching between HD and SD sources without the use of external line converters or degradation in picture quality.


• Video Switcher:
Provides six primary inputs and on still picture source; inputs range from standard composite video, PC, IEEE-1394 and a card reader. One Mix and Effects bus is standard with a down stream keyer.

• Audio Mixer:
Six stereo channel input mixing utilizing RCA, 1/4″ and XLR connectors, mic and line level. Processing 48 kHz @ 24 bit processing

•Access Buttons:
Pressing an access button calls up the control menus of the associated input to the LCD screen. A variety of video and audio parameter settings can be accomplished.

•Mixer Output Controls:
Provides controls for all audio output functions including; audio monitor level, talkback on/off, audio dimmer on/off, speaker level and headphone output.

•Camera Control:
Through the menu, selection camera control is offered for compatible Sony Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras. Six memories are offered to store camera position and control settings.

•Device Control:
Cameras and hard disk drives can be controlled using the jog shuttle wheel and buttons.

•Talkback Microphone
Along with the talkback microphone an intercom connector is provided for users with an intercom system.

•Source Displays:
Thumbnail video of each input source can be displayed; PGM and PVW are highlighted in red and amber.

•Switcher Display:
Program and Preview are the main video displays along with thumbnails of the inputs, effect and DSK transition durations and the guide for cameras parameters.

Built-in stereo speakers are offered for audio monitoring.

•LCD Display:
The built-in LCD is a High Brightness, 15.4″ 1280×800 foldable display.



• G500 Switcher
• Manual
• Variety of input modules – call for options
• Travel case