Sony AXS R7 Recorder

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The Sony AXS R7 is a camera dockable bolt-on recorder that  enables 6K recording on the Sony VENICE as well as all 16 Bit Linear RAW and X-OCN Compressed recordings. It is required for recording all resolutions greater than 4K on the Sony VENICE.

The R7 records to compact AXSM-A media currently available from Rule Boston Camera in 512GB capacity.

As of firmware version 2.0, the following recording modes are supported with X-OCN ST & X-OCN LT Codecs on the Sony VENICE:

3.8K 16:9 (1-60FPS)

4K 17:9 (1-60FPS)

4K 4:3 (1-48FPS)

4K 6:5 (1-30FPS)

6K 17:9 (1-30FPS)

6K 1.85:1 (1-30FPS)

6K 3:2 (1-25FPS)

16 Bit Linear Raw recording is additionally supported at 3.8K 16:9 and 4K 17:9 resolutions.

Please note, Full Frame SxS Recordings internally in the VENICE are supported only as a 4K downscale from 6K.

Higher frame rates and additional resolutions may be offered as the firmware develops on the camera.

The AXS R7 can also dock with the Sony F5 and F55.

The R7 supports recording up to 120FPS 4K Raw on the F55 and 60FPS Raw on the F5 as well as 2K Raw at 240FPS. X-OCN ST & LT recording is also supported with the F5 and F55.




• Sony R7 Recorder

• Sony AXS-CR1 AXSM Card Reader

• USB 3.0 Type A – B Cable

• AC Power Supply for AXS-CR1 with AC Cable