Sony J30 SDI Multiformat Player VTR

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J series Compact Player with i.LINK & SDI output–Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, MPEG IMX, & Digital Betacam playback compatibility. Plays both large-size and small-size cassettes


•DV-device connectivity
•Powerful playback capability (Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, MPEG IMX and Digital Betacam formats)
•Compact body design
•Replay of both small and large cassettes
•525/625 versatility
•SDI outputs (x 2)
•Supports wireless infrared remote controller
•Flexible audio outputs
•UMID and Essence mark readable


Dimensions (W x H x D): 307 x 100 x 397 mm (12 1/8 x 4 x 15 3/4 inches)

Fast Forward/Rewind Time: Digital Betacam: Approx. 5 min. with BCT-D124L
MPEG IMX: Approx. 5 min. with BCT-184MXL
Betacam SX: Approx. 5 min. with BCT-184SXLA
Betacam/Betacam SP: Approx. 5 min. with BCT-90MLA

Load/Unload Time: 7 s or less

Operating Humidity: 25% to 80% (relative humidity)

Operating Temperature: +5 °C to +40 °C (+41 °F to +104 °F)

Playback Time: Digital Betacam: Max. 124 min. with BCT-D124L
MPEG IMX: Max. 184 min. (525 mode)/220 min. (625 mode) with BCT-184MXL
Betacam SX: Max. 194 min. with BCT194SXLA
Betacam/Betacam SP: Max. 90 min. (525 mode)/108 min. (625 mode) with BCT-90MLA

Power Consumption: 55 W

Power Requirements: AC 100V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Search Speed Range: Digital Betacam: ±21 times normal playback speed
MPEG IMX: ±32 times normal playback speed
Betacam SX: ±35 times normal playback speed
Betacam/Betacam SP: ±18 times (525 mode), ±20 times (625 mode) normal playback speed

Servo Lock Time: 1.5 s or less (from standby on)

Tape Speed: Digital Betacam: 96.7 mm/s
MPEG IMX: 64.467 mm/s (525 mode), 53.776 mm/s (625 mode)
Betacam SX: 59.515 mm/s (525 mode), 59.575 mm/s (625 mode)
Betacam/Betacam SP: 118.6 mm/s, 101.5 mm/s (625 mode)

Weight : 8.2 kg (18lb 1 oz)


J30 Player
AC Cable
Firewire 6 – 9pin Cable
Firewire 6 – 6pin Cable
Firewire 6 – 4pin Cable
Stereo 2x XLR Cable

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