Sound Devices 442 Four Channel Audio Mixer

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The Sound Devices 442 stereo field mixer encompasses the audio performance, feature set, and mechanical construction expected by those who rely on audio gear for their livelihood.

With its comprehensive inputs and extensive outputs, including direct outputs per channel, the 442 is at home in small, run-and-gun applications as well as large, multiple-source productions. The Sound Devices 442 can be powered by four AA batteries or external 5 – 18 VDC.


• Lundahl transformer-balanced mic or line-level inputs on XLR connectors
• Transformer-balanced line/tape/mic level output on XLR connectors
• Continuously adjustable input trim
• Variable high-pass filter
• Continuously variable pan control
• Phantom (48-volt or 15-volt) or "T" microphone powering selected per channel
• Solo (PFL) channel monitoring in headphones
• Peak limiters per channel
• Direct outputs on TA3 locking connectors
• Transformer-balanced line/tape/mic level output on Hirose connector
• Balanced line or tape level output on TA3 locking connectors
• Un-balanced TRS-stereo tape level output on 1/8-inch connector
• Un-balanced TS-mono mic level output on 1/8-inch connector
• Sunlight-viewable LED meters with proprietary software-selected ballistics
• On-board MS stereo matrix, channels 1 and 2
• Two independent monitor return inputs for monitoring two-camera productions


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