Tribe7 Blackwing7 T1.9 Lenses


The Blackwing7 lenses from Tribe7 offer one of three specially “tuned” looks–characteristics like fall off, sharpness and halation are precisely controlled to create a unique optical image. Our set of these full frame lenses are “T” tuned. Each lens exhibits different characteristics in this tuning, from sharp centers with subtle halation, to higher contrast and faster fall off. The entire set features nearly identical sized lenses, T1.9 – T22 and 104mm front diameters.

We encourage you to stop by, test out these lenses and see for yourself!

Focal Lengths include: 27mm, 37mm, 47mm, 57mm, 77mm, 107mm and 137mm


– Unique “T” Tuning

– Similar size, weight and front diameter

– Covers Full Frame


– T1.9 – T22

– Image circle range: 55mm – 62mm

– Front Diameter: 104mm

– PL Mount