Video Devices PIX E7 4K Solid State Video Recorder

Rent for $135.00 per day

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The PIX-E7 7 inch 4K Recording Video Monitor can record 4K video via HDMI or 6G-SDI to SpeedDrive SSDs. The built-in 7inch 1920 x 1200 resolution touch screen can be used for composition framing, checking focus, as well as waveform / vectorscopes. Light enough to be used with small cameras and camcorders without weighing them down excessively.




PIX E7 Recorder
SD Card
AC Power Supply & AC Cable
(2) DC Plug to A/B DTap Cable
Sony NP-F “L” Charger & Cable
(4) NP-F970 Battery
Noga Articulating Arm
UL2 Hotshoe Wedge
Mini 15mm Rod Clamp Widget
(2) Hyperthin HDMI Type (A) – (A)
USB 3.0 ‘A’ Extension Cable

For Multi-day Rentals: Call for Rate