Zeiss Otus EF 28mm Prime Lens

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With exceptional sharpness, high contrast, practically no color fringing or distortion and a wide aperture of f/1.4, the Zeiss Otus lenses (available at Rule in 28mm, 55mm and 85mm) are the perfect match for large sensor cameras like the Sony VENICERED Weapon, and ARRI LF due to their full frame (24 x 36mm) coverage as well as their incredible high resolving power.


• Smooth and cinematic bokeh

• Optimized ghosts and flare control

• Uncompromising performance across the entire image field

• Full-frame sensor coverage

• Elaborate optical corrections make for substantially less time spent in image processing and in post-production

• Long focus throw and barrel rotation for precision

• Modern and ergonomic product design


Zeiss Otus 1.4/28mm:

Mount:  ZF.2

MOD:  0.15 m

Length: 135.0 mm

Diameter: 108.9 mm

Weight: 1350 g

Filter Size: 95 mm

Full Frame: 65.4º

Super 35: 47.9º

APS-C: 45.7º

MFT: 34.3º





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