Zeiss Supreme 18mm T1.5 Prime Lens

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The Zeiss Supremes are “Super Speeds” for the full-frame, digital cinema age.

The Supremes pack an incredible amount of optical clarity and refined imaging beauty into a lightweight compact lens designed to cover a full-frame 24x36mm sensor and a 46.3mm image circle. They also provide astounding images when utilizing the lenses’ “sweet spot” on Super 35mm imagers.

The aesthetic result is a lens that has a gentle sharpness, a crisp organic look, and neutral color temperature that flatters skin tones.

Each Zeiss Supreme features unified focus and iris scale placement, 300 degrees of focus rotation that barely breathes, and a 16 blade iris that opens to a T1.5 throughout the entire lens range.

The Zeiss Supreme’s bokeh can be described as simply elegant.

The focus fall off on each lens is smooth and gently glides you in and out of focus.

Each Supreme has a small 95mm front diameter, apart from the 18mm and 135mm which are 114mm, for use with compact clip on matte boxes. The lenses are lightweight and short with most weighing 3 lbs. or just a touch more, and most less than 5 inches long.



Max Aperture: T1.5

Close Focus: 14”

Front Diameter: 114mm

Frame Coverage: S35mm, Full Frame/VV

Length: 6.4” / 16.26 cm

Weight: 5 lb. / 2.27 Kg