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From expendables to the largest rental inventory of professional production and post-production equipment in the New England area, we’ve got the gear, know-how, services and support to keep your projects running smoothly.

With agencies, production companies and post-production houses that run around the clock, our pre-paid, customized service spending program, Rule+, provides the highest level of assurance. Select from a variety of service levels to ensure minimum down time that will keep your projects on track all year long. Click here for our full menu of services such as edit suite check-ups, consultations, customized training sessions, rental credits, and unlimited support.

Developed specifically for companies involved in Media Production, Filmmaking, Marketing, Content Creation and other media-related pursuits, our Long Term Rental program provides access to the latest production and post-production equipment and workflows, along with built-in maintenance and technical support. Whether your project runs for 6 months or 2 years, LTR is the modern way to build production capability.

Our Monitor Calibration experts get you as close as possible to perfection. We provide agencies, DITs, editors and all other color-grading professionals with on-site visits using state-of-the-art technology to make sure that what you’re seeing on the screen is consistent and precise.

Our customized training sessions are created around new tools, equipment, and technology that will quickly get you up-to-speed and on location, armed with the knowledge you need. Ask us for details!

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