The Latest Pro Camera Accessories from ARRI

Join ARRI’s Philip Vischer for an overview of the latest pro camera accessories and hands-on demo with the LMB 4×5 + LMB 6×6, Diopter Accessories 138mm + 6”, Rota Pola Frame 4×5.65 + 6×6, New Bottom Dovetail Plates, and accessories for the Sony VENICE, VENICE Extension Unit, and the RED DSMC2.


An Overview of the Preston Light Ranger 2, A Powerful Tool for the Focus Puller

Senior Engineer, Tim Coughlan, demos the new Preston Cinema Systems’ Light Ranger 2 focus assist system. Read his blog post, Stay Focussed with the Light Ranger 2, and join him in person for a hands-on look at why the LR2 is a powerful new tool for the focus puller. Click here for event flyer. Sign in at today’s event and get a 20% rental discount through May 31st, 2019!


LR2 Features include:

  • Displays distance and depth information for up to 16 horizontal measurement zones across the frame
  • Two-piece kit: sensor (mounted on camera) and graphical overlay box (mounted on focus puller’s monitor)
  • Features manual and autofocus modes with seamless transition between the two
  • Sensor connects to MDR-3 or MDR-4 via Serial port

Interested in Renting the LR2? Contact rentals by email or phone at 800-rule-com. Click here to visit the product page on our website.